Our Mission

Book Chair

“The Book Chair,” Book Art by Paul Johnson

Everyone’s talking about it–the publishing industry has changed forever. One result is that authors, whether experienced or not, are finding it more and more difficult to get their work published. Bottom-line decision-making leaves many excellent writers without a “home” for their work.

Many consider independent publishing but are afraid to take the plunge for fear their work will be dismissed as of lesser quality or because they worry the effort involved in self-publishing will take precious time away from their writing.

Thinking Women Books was created to help both new and seasoned authors publish their work without having to “do it all” themselves and without compromising on editorial oversight or quality.

Launched in 2013, with the publication of Kathleen B. Jones’ Diving for Pearls: A Thinking Journey with Hannah Arendt, our mission is to produce a small number of titles a year, insuring our authors receive the attention to detail their work deserves.

Our publishing team has three decades of editorial and production experience. Your manuscript will be vetted by experts, all published authors themselves. If we accept it for publication, we work closely with you to design and produce your book to the highest industry standards.

We focus primarily on books telling historical and contemporary women’s stories with a personal-is-political slant. But we’re open to other topics. If you have a manuscript that fits our focus, send us a query by filling out the contact form.